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    Introducing MARGOVA's New Second-Hand Marketplace in Germany! 

    Elevate your sustainability game while unlocking new possibilities for your MARGOVA pieces. We're thrilled to announce our latest innovation: a dedicated platform where you can pass on your pre-loved MARGOVA treasures to new owners who will cherish them just as much as you have.

    At MARGOVA, we're committed to reducing jewellery waste and promoting circularity. Our new Second-Hand Marketplace is designed with this mission in mind, offering you a seamless way to resell your gently used MARGOVA pieces and contribute to a more sustainable jewellery ecosystem.

    Whether you're looking to refresh your collection, make room for new favorites, or simply give your beloved pieces a second life, our marketplace is your destination. Join us in reshaping the future of jewellery—one stylish resale at a time.

    Start exploring the possibilities today and discover the joy of giving new purpose to your MARGOVA treasures. Welcome to the next chapter of sustainable style with MARGOVA's Second-Hand Marketplace! 

    Let your jewellery shine again.

    Is it time for your jewellery to start a new chapter with someone else? Click the link below to begin your reselling journey.

    Here's a short guide on how selling works for our new MARGOVA Second-Hand Marketplace:

    Ready to pass on your pre-loved MARGOVA pieces? It's easy!

    STEP 1: Start by filling out our contact form. We'll create your listing ASAP. We're recommending to pick a price based on its condition and original value. You can set your own price within a range, but typically, items sell for about half of the original price.

    Don't forget to include at least two photos of your item. Lay your item flat on a plain background, and ensure good lighting for the best results.

    STEP 2: Once someone buys your item, you'll receive an email with a pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping label. Choose packaging that fits your item's size and shape, ensuring it's well-protected during transit. Attach the label to your package and drop it off at the nearest packstation or DHL Office.

    STEP 3: After the buyer receives and accepts the item, it's payout time! You get to choose your preferred method:

    - Choose cash and receive 70% of the resale price.
    - Choose store credit and receive 100% of the sales made toward your next MARGOVA purchase. You'll receive an email with your voucher code for use on

    It's that simple! Start selling your MARGOVA pieces today and be a part of our commitment to sustainability.

    *PLEASE NOTE: The MARGOVA Resell service is currently only available to shoppers and buyers within Germany.

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